Bitcoin enabled merchants

@nolim1t's collection of merchants that take currency without borders (๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿง•๐Ÿ‘ณโ˜ฎ๏ธ)

My Curated List of bitcoin (onchain and lightning) merchants.

Table of Contents

Listing Quality

All these listings accept bitcoin at the very minimum. Ideally bitcoin only and accepting lightning payments. There is no substitute for shitcoinery other than the real thing.

Merchant List - Online

merchant category merchant name Status Location Verified
email provider protonmail Onchain protonirockerxow.onion โœ…
vpn provider satoshi vpn Onchain โœ…

Merchant List - Chiang Mai

merchant category merchant name Status Location Verified
food Roses Corner / Burrito Squad Lightning Coords: 18.798659275372007, 98.97528476924447 โœ…
food Boo bar in the old city Lightning/Onchain Coords: 18.785712, 98.981692 โš ๏ธ
food Sababa Israeli Restaurant Lightning Coords: 18.782201, 98.994247 โœ…
coworking/cafe Yellow Coworking & Cafe Lightning/Onchain Coords: 18.798485, 98.968861 โœ…


Feel free to add others

Platform Link

Lightning nodes

As a big supporter and also developer with the bitcoin lightning network (and any other scalability stuff), Iโ€™d also like the share a list of nodes which you can connect to and provide liquidity. The focus is on TOR, so if there is a โœ… then its a TOR node or an โŒ if it isnโ€™t.

Node URI Privacy/Tor Enabled Status
027cf9967a2d79631c665417b363d7113764bdede6c7bc21897062655448cd3581@flh6m6hd4wg4o2e5bfdelg4cobvsmcp5cxftaujsvwou5wg5iuwe5wad.onion:9735 โœ… Online
02a6ae00f1e658e23447b5fd3a03acc42ddd0e80350ce4fc02ee33bffc095d0187@yyutnbdey2r6sngbd4iujldkvyxecwjfehrctybniruhvwhpxqwpazyd.onion:9735 โœ… Online

Verification Statuses

โš ๏ธ = Means that the business accepts the bitcoin but might have problems. Or the business hasnโ€™t been verified to have taken bitcoin. Or possibly closed. If you have success please report it here. It is important that you let us know if it was lightning or non-lightning.

โœ… = Means they have taking bitcoin recently

โŒ = Means they no longer take bitcoin, and should be removed from the list


To contribute, simply update in the follow repos (1) (2)

Lastly, create a branch and commit the changes and send a pull request

For verification of businesses, just do the same thing and add some proof to the pull request or simply create an issue about it.